Bleubird – Oleander Wavy / Where I Been 7″

A «Oleander Wavy» Produced by Mister Belvedere
B «Where I Been» Produced by Nedarb

Mastered by Deeskee, art and print by Flash Goran
Edition of 103

Styptic – Multiple Endings

The album «Multiple Endings» by Zurich based producer Styptic. Dark downtempo / illbient beats on snow white C25 cassette. Limited run of 36 in risoprinted cardboard case, hand numbered, download card included.

A1 Pavor Nocturnus
A2 Tectonic Shift
A3 Van Door ft. QPR
A4 Structured Ignorance
A5 Okno
A6 Thin Boundaries
B1 Shattered Sleeping Pattern
B2 Intangible
B3 Two Rising Sons
B4 Swordfishdrone
B5 Inter-Vessel Homicide
B6 Damon

Graphics & photography by Remo Hexspoor, painting «Epiphany» by Dominique Ruppen.

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fbcfabric & reindeer – It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know

It’s reality! We’ve dreamed about doing this for a long time now, and this year we finally said fuck it, and it’s been overdue. A triple vinyl version of the legendary fbcfabric&reindeer full length with exclusive tracks from the same sessions. We are properly proud to present this classic, which has lost nothing of its power and originality, on vinyl for the very first time.

Limited to 100 3LP units, it comes in a fabric sleeve just as the original CD version. One per person. Go to store.

Ethics, Morals, Principles, Standards, Conviction – Part One

A1 The Lighting Of The Lamps
A2 Soulsuck
A3 Mask Of Sanity
A4 Down The Sides
A5 The One Before Two

Ethics, Morals, Principles, Standards, Conviction – Part Two

B1 Rub The Calm One
B2 Passenger
B3 One Inch Brook
B4 Our Education

Awkward Walker

C1 Wallet, Keys, Hopes And Dreams
C2 I Might As Well Be Glad
C3 Sit And Wait
C4 Extended Placement
C5 Fall Asleep And Dream Of Our Childhoods

Patience And Three Trains

D1 How It Happened
D2 Hunger

Pout And Clutch Mediocrity – Part One

E1 All I See
E2 The Only Dance I Can Do
E3 Bell Rings, Dog Salivates
E4 Shake The Hand Of An Unsuspecting Victim

Pout And Clutch Mediocrity – Part Two

F1 On/Off
F2 Please Call Stella
F3 And Then John Peel Died

Babelfishh – To Do Without

The hard chewing out of towner Babelfishh shows up with a 7 track mini album called «To Do Without». Edition of 105 7″ vinyl copies.

All songs written, played and recorded during two short sessions in Oakland with Edison and Mildew (Papervehicle).

Photograph and illustrations by Vivian Hatchethands.

Sold out on our side. Maybe fishh has some left.

Mattr. – A Brief History Of Nothing


It is with great pride to present the new solo album of swiss producer mattr., which is released in collaboration with Anette Records in Germany.

Please do be sure to let you heart and ears be filled with the latest compositions that highly-respected Swiss electronic music producer Mattr. has curated for both our listening pleasure, but moreover, also for our emotional understanding, strength and communion.

Normal album rules, ideas and promotional methods ought not apply when dealing with a work of art of this sort. Mattr. has created an impossibly-moving testament to the human condition, one that speaks volumes without trumpets needing to sound out from PR towers on how lush his compositions are.

With his latest full-length release, Mattr. has moved completely outside of normal album territory, in purusing a release that is entirely composed about, around, and created during the diagnosis, illness and death of his father, from an aggressive form of brain cancer, and the effect this has had on those left behind.

Available from 1st November 2016, as a highly limited edition 180gm vinyl release of only 100 pieces, not only is this an impossibly special release in terms of its content, it is also a beautiful piece of physical art. Please do take the time to listen in, quietly, and allow the music to reach you in the way it was intended.

There are two versions of the artwork, «lightness» and «darkness». Vinyl is sold out, for  digital go here.


Maki – We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate LP

After 15 years of steady effort on collaborative projects with myriad labels and vocalists, Maki’s first full-length instrumental project is informed by a love of hardware, old records and electronic production. The result is an experiment in cut and paste, drum machines, analog synthesis, live instruments and some quality time with a vintage Fender Twin.

The record channels the ghosts of Kraut and Prog over blistering drum programming. Turning the clock off the sequencer, the result is organic, dark, aggressive and melancholic.

Mastered by J. LaPointe at Archive Mastering in Halifax, with hand-made letterpress artwork by Billy Ben and released as a cooperative effort with Endemik Music in Montreal. If you’re in north america, please go through End Shoppe, while we welcome everyone here in europe.

Limited to 100 vinyl imprints, the music occupies physical space in the digital wasteland of the post-internet world. Includes a download code for the full release.

We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate. Promo video.

Side A:
1. Sawtooth | 2. Work is the Blackmail of Survival | 3. Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach! | 4. Night Shift in a CP Engine Bound for Boston Bar | 5. Be Stoic like Ponderosa Pine

Side B:
1. Shake Your Chains to Earth like Dew | 2. We Will Not Lead We Will Only Detonate | 3. The Insignificant Signified | 4. Sophistry | 5. We Spin Around the Night Consumed by the Fire

Sold out.

mism10: Anniversary release


No need to say much, check out the tracklist of our first 12″:

A1 Papervehicle – The Unmaking Of Numbers
A2 Bleubird & Babelfishh – Money Grinder
A3 Tenshun & Jamesreindeer – Wound Treatment
B1 The Beastmaster, Mildew & Babelfishh – California Richmond
B2 Glen Porter – Dark Place
B3 Maki & Soso – Another Year In The Books

Also, the artwork is hand made by the incredible Tika Thek. Limited to 200 hand numbered copies.

Sold out.

Les Swashbuckling Napoleons / James P. Honey Split 7″


A Les Swashbuckling Napoleons – Smash The Compass, Kill To Play
B James P Honey – How To Build An Ark

Limited to 123 copies in silk screened covers.

«Smash The Compass, Kill To Play» produced by Edison, vocals by Thesis Sahib & Bleubird. Cover art by Thesis Sahib.

«How To Build An Ark» produced and recorded by Honey, T. Lowrey and Bakermoon at Grannyflat Studios. Guitar and vocals by James P Honey, violin by Laura Rose Mallows, piano by Alexander Templeton-Ward. Cover art by Alexander Templeton-Ward.

Sold out.

Glen Porter – The Devil Is A Dancer, The Piper Is A Madman 10″ EP


A1 The Devil Is A Dancer
A2 Over The Mountains, Through The Jungle, And Into The Cave
B1 The Piper Is A Madman
B2 Ask Her Nicely And She’ll Show You The Scars

Collaborative release with Content (L)abel & Ooohh! That’s Heavy. Limited to 300 copies.

Taken from Content (L)abel:

We continue the Digital / 10-inch series in collaboration with fellow California based Ooohh! That’s Heavy Recordings and Swiss imprint Mism Records. This time around we present a project crafted in the mind of the «One-Man Band» Glen Porter, entitled «The Devil Is A Dancer, The Piper Is A Madman».

Two Years in the making, this project is a multi-movement sound-scape that touches on the contrasting themes of life (sadness, happiness, courage, fear, etc).

We set sail deep within the psyche with the drum heavy accordion screamer «The Devil is a Dancer». Here, Porter takes his trademark emotionally driven production to new heights with the use of his own voice in the form of a sea shanty. We reach the shore but soon travel «Over The Mountains, Through The Jungle, And Into The Cave». Resting in an acoustic haze we find moments of pure psychedelic bliss.

Joyful moans turn to anxious shrieks as we follow the hypnotic rhythms and discover «The Piper Is A Madman». The vinyl version of the project ends with the epic «Ask Her Nicely And She’ll Show You The Scars» and as the title suggests, its layers are memorable and more than skin deep.

The cover art was created by British designer Oliver Cartwright in collaboration with L.A based photographer Voker Fleck. The cover is a figurative illustration of the record’s title. This project is limited to 300 vinyl copies worldwide and is also available in digital format featuring additional tracks (Forget, Kiss the Pretty Ones Goodbye) and a remix from Yppah (Ninjatune).

Sold out.

Tenshun & Babel Fishh 2×7″


A1 There Are No Survivors
A2 Arm In The Grinder
B1 Grave Hill Choir
B2 The Last Craft
C Violent Village featuring The Beastmaster
D The Waste Of One Day

Limited to 300 hand numbered pieces in silkscreened covers with artwork by Mildew.

Sold out.

Bottled Outside In 1964 10″ EP


Ancient Mith (Hungry Giant, rush YA), who is everything but new to the alternative rap world, starts off the record over another marvelously rumbling Scott Da Ros (Triune Gods/Deadly Stare) production. It’s sort of a call to dinner, you’ll figure it out.

It’s an incredible variety of raps and beats presented with “Friede & Busen”, a true gem in the form of german rap. The interplay of intense yet subtle words and multilayered beats during this 5.5 minutes is one of a kind, taking you on many distinct journeys at once.

The rounding of the record begins with a vocal sample about psychic automatism invented by surrealists. The pictures created within the following minutes stand for incredible ranges of ideas and their respective lines of thought. If you’re familiar with Papervehicle and affiliates, you know what there is.

Limited to 302 hand numbered pieces.

Sold out.

The Extended Family / Babel Fishh & Beastmaster split 7″

The Extended Family (Thesis Sahib, Fritz Tha Cat, Zoën, Funken)
Extended Family (Produced by Zoën & Funken)
We Said No (Produced by Zoën)

Babel Fishh & The Beastmaster
We Bury What We Have Found (Produced by Edison)

mism03b mism03a

Sold out.

Soso / Motionless split 7″

Choke You (With A Rag) (Produced by Maki)
+ Instrumental version
Lyrics by Soso

Motionless – The One Eyed Hog (Produced by Motionless)
Lyrics by Pierre The Motionless


Over another inspired Maki production, Soso channels the ghosts of never will be. «Choke You With a Fucking Rag» is a clenched jaw expression of disgust, disillusionment and frustration.

Motionless is a french band aiming to make pop music with members that have listened to too much hip-hop. Four musicians (fender rhodes/trumpet/dj/beatmaker) who want the music to be beautiful more than anything. The musical universe of Motionless is based on the concept of contradictions: richness rubs shoulders with minimalism, the ambiances confront traditional instruments warmth with the cold and raw side of tortured electronic sounds, a rapper is singing a pop theme on an electro instrumental, or a jazz drummer comes insufflating rock spirit into a hip-hop song… Check the album «The Inertia Of An Accent At Rest», dropping on Ponowai Flora in June 2009, featuring Ancient Mith, Demune, Babel Fishh, BeastMaster, Edison and Thesis Sahib…

The One Eyed Hog: How can someone deny the existence of the gas chambers, and declare that Shoah is only a detail in World War II’s history? This question led to this song, talking in the first person about what may have resulted in this one-eyed french hog look-alike politician pouring out such quantities of venom…

Sold out.

James Reindeer & Son Lux / Bleubird split 7″

James Reindeer & Son Lux
In Static (Strange And Gentle Things) (Produced by Son Lux)
Lyrics by James Reindeer
Singing by Son Lux

Wild Street Fire (Produced by Deadly Stare)


‘In Static [strange and gentle things]’ is the A-Side of the single on which Son Lux’s staggering production and soaring vocals meet with the arhythmic lyrical stylings of Reindeer. The two forces combine to create a track that transcends their individual sounds to create something both uplifting and forlorn. The track opens with warped chamber instruments and operatic vocals wrestling a crushing down-tempo drum beat, akin to something from Son Lux’s critically acclaimed debut At War Will Walls and Mazes. Reindeer makes his entrance, the first moments of which secure the brilliance of this artistic marriage. Reindeer characteristically intones a broken and subdued verse that unfolds to paint a lurid and stark scene of a city at night. But suddenly everything falls away to a whisper, Son Lux’s voice breaking the cloudy spell with a mantra-like prayer. What begins from there is an epic post-rock crescendo of layered plucked and bowed strings, bashing drums, and the soaring operatic fragments foreshadowed in the opening. When Reindeer’s voice returns, it is full of force but distant, calling above the crashing wave of sound. It all spills over into a murky haze, with protesting jabs of noise fighting the release. The two vocalists’ whispered final lines disappear into the night, leaving the listener wrestling silence.

‘Wild Street Fire’ on the B-Side sees Bleubird at his acerbic best over some stunning Deadly Stare production, a concoction much akin to his solo album effort One Kind of Dead End, with flavours of his work on the landmark Heliodrome LP of last winter. A salty quip on Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ sparks from Bleubird a biting, hilarious, dark, and apt rant on the cyclical ails of modern western culture. Part projected anger, part self-deprication, Bleubird treads the same perfect line as he’s heard to do on his previous solo records on the mighty Endemik label. Musically somewhere between free jazz and alt-rap abstraction, an ever-shifting thunderous break melds with upright bass by Miles Perkin, pizzicato strings, and a web of cryptic sound smatterings. On repeat listens, even pipe organs and marimbas unravel from the rat’s nest. This post-modern opus is also a relentless banger; a challenging headphone piece and a guaranteed centrepiece sounding from any quality alt-rap club’s PA… to head-banging effect.

Sold out.

Schaman & Scharlatan – !II!

c60 cassette tape, two versions of 23 copies each, cover art by Safu.


13 years, feeling like 23 years, after their release «Schlachthof vode Wörter» (Slaughterhause of Words), Schaman & Scharlatan are rising again from the underground of the infamous Emmenbronx. Musically accompanied by Mattr., Mesoterpen and Papi Pendejo, they are continuing their struggle through the svamp of shallow swiss rap, social injustice and melancholy. Words, rhymes and gloomy beats are the weapons of their choice – pathos, sarcasm and irony the tactics. 15 tracks filled with rage and emotions, two editions of 23 tapes each against the system and Babylon: Schaman & Scharlatan are back with their official second album “!II!”.

Sold out.

jamesreindeer – ستة ستة سبعة – six six seven.

جامع حلب الكبير
مدأين صالح


The physical version is limited to 44 cassette tapes in hand made covers.

We are proud to present the first official full-length, self-produced solo release from jamesreindeer. entitled ‘six six seven’ and taking us on a darkly-psychedelic journey into distant lands across almost forty minutes of arabian-influenced free-jazz doom-rap.

Conceived at the birth of the Throne Burner project at the dawn of summer 2012, in planning through the long winter and spring, and finally created during the six hottest weeks of the summer since passed, this release dispays some of the most intriguing works yet produced by jamesreindeer. Spanning six epic songs and featuring musical guest spots from both the extended Throne Burner and Iron Filings And Sellotape families, the release is awash with doomy rhythms, screeching horns, hypnotic basslines and deeply-atmospheric field recordings, not to mention the unmatchable vocal darts of jamesreindeer himself.

Available as a beautifully hand-crafted and highly limited edition cassette tape as well as for digital download, this is surely an essential release for those ready to explore yet darker realms of hypnotic audio majicks. The cassette contains exclusive spoken word material, not available anywhere else.


The cassette is sold out, but you can still get the digital version on our Bandcamp.

Th’ Mole & Friends – Love in the Chaosphere

Cassette tape.

loveinthechaosphere cassette corr.

A1 Leaving Home
A2 Bilderburger Fence
A3 Pro Fresh Funnel
A4 Bloody Peaches (Romanticore)
A5 Initiations Outside Of Time
A6 Cooked Goose / Cupcakes
B1 Hug Life
B2 Distance x U + Me = 0 (Interlude)
B3 Protection Incantation
B4 Om Manipadme Hum (Here Is A Gun)
B5 Phantasy O’bayn (Interlude)

Digital bonus tracks
1 Ballad Of The Merry Little Shark
2 What Does Love Mean

Two years and a few days after our first tape release, we’re back in the cassette business again, this time with an album of one of the hardest and longest working men in underground hip hop, Th’Mole. There’s almost no album he wasn’t featured on, almost no rapper he didn’t work with in any kind of way and probably no town in the whole western civilization he didn’t visit and play a show. So it’s no big surprise, that this album, Love In The Chaosphere, is a massive collaboration project, over three years in the making, recorded in USA, France, Canada, France and Sweden, featuring Noah23, Wet Mango, Baseck, Filkoe176, Bizzart, Brzowski, MC Homeless, Ancient Mith, Id Obelus, Nameclone, Dead Western, Strange Powers, Caps3, Suzywan, Tang Li Wheebs, Bazookajo, WMX, Cletus Galactus, Ferg, Drew Slum, Pierre Pre$$ure, Matt Milo, Nomar Slevik, Elizabeth Aeby, Blank Space, Dzia Dzia, Prophecy The Iron Monk, Yacunah, Big Mynd, Rarks, DJ Stereotype, Body Holliday, Terms None, Tyconichi, Foxdye, Ted Nava, Peace X, Amber Parker and Jub Jub. This extremely surreal and experimental hip hop album explores the theme of light and love in the midst of a dark and chaotic world. Eleven tracks banned on magnetic tape, limited to an edition of only 30 pieces and two bonus tracks for free download.

Sold out.

Pumpernickle – Toyboat Lost At Stream

Cassette tape, in collaboration with Decorative Stamp, Knertz and Eggcape.

A1 Toof Airy
A2 Sprout Bomb
A3 Kitchy Kitchy
A4 Knee High
A5 Drawing Flies
B1 One Eye
B2 Jedi Calm
B3 Home Hand Mouth Made
B4 Lully Bye Bye

All lyrics written and performed by Filkoe. All music written and performed by Oskar Ohlson and winterismyname except for A2 which was written and performed by Johannes Lauxen, Oskar Ohlson and winterismyname. Accordion on A1 was played by Steffen Donsbach. The Pumpernickle choir includes: Oskar Ohlson, winterismyname, Johannes Lauxen, Steffen Donsbach, Peter Meier, Martin Ihm and Seb. Mixed by Oskar Ohlson, mastered by Christoph Lofi. Artwork by Adrian Holzhausen, liner notes by Babel Fishh.

Sold out.