Th’ Mole & Friends – Love in the Chaosphere

Cassette tape.

loveinthechaosphere cassette corr.

A1 Leaving Home
A2 Bilderburger Fence
A3 Pro Fresh Funnel
A4 Bloody Peaches (Romanticore)
A5 Initiations Outside Of Time
A6 Cooked Goose / Cupcakes
B1 Hug Life
B2 Distance x U + Me = 0 (Interlude)
B3 Protection Incantation
B4 Om Manipadme Hum (Here Is A Gun)
B5 Phantasy O’bayn (Interlude)

Digital bonus tracks
1 Ballad Of The Merry Little Shark
2 What Does Love Mean

Two years and a few days after our first tape release, we’re back in the cassette business again, this time with an album of one of the hardest and longest working men in underground hip hop, Th’Mole. There’s almost no album he wasn’t featured on, almost no rapper he didn’t work with in any kind of way and probably no town in the whole western civilization he didn’t visit and play a show. So it’s no big surprise, that this album, Love In The Chaosphere, is a massive collaboration project, over three years in the making, recorded in USA, France, Canada, France and Sweden, featuring Noah23, Wet Mango, Baseck, Filkoe176, Bizzart, Brzowski, MC Homeless, Ancient Mith, Id Obelus, Nameclone, Dead Western, Strange Powers, Caps3, Suzywan, Tang Li Wheebs, Bazookajo, WMX, Cletus Galactus, Ferg, Drew Slum, Pierre Pre$$ure, Matt Milo, Nomar Slevik, Elizabeth Aeby, Blank Space, Dzia Dzia, Prophecy The Iron Monk, Yacunah, Big Mynd, Rarks, DJ Stereotype, Body Holliday, Terms None, Tyconichi, Foxdye, Ted Nava, Peace X, Amber Parker and Jub Jub. This extremely surreal and experimental hip hop album explores the theme of light and love in the midst of a dark and chaotic world. Eleven tracks banned on magnetic tape, limited to an edition of only 30 pieces and two bonus tracks for free download.

Sold out.