Soso / Motionless split 7″

Choke You (With A Rag) (Produced by Maki)
+ Instrumental version
Lyrics by Soso

Motionless – The One Eyed Hog (Produced by Motionless)
Lyrics by Pierre The Motionless


Over another inspired Maki production, Soso channels the ghosts of never will be. «Choke You With a Fucking Rag» is a clenched jaw expression of disgust, disillusionment and frustration.

Motionless is a french band aiming to make pop music with members that have listened to too much hip-hop. Four musicians (fender rhodes/trumpet/dj/beatmaker) who want the music to be beautiful more than anything. The musical universe of Motionless is based on the concept of contradictions: richness rubs shoulders with minimalism, the ambiances confront traditional instruments warmth with the cold and raw side of tortured electronic sounds, a rapper is singing a pop theme on an electro instrumental, or a jazz drummer comes insufflating rock spirit into a hip-hop song… Check the album «The Inertia Of An Accent At Rest», dropping on Ponowai Flora in June 2009, featuring Ancient Mith, Demune, Babel Fishh, BeastMaster, Edison and Thesis Sahib…

The One Eyed Hog: How can someone deny the existence of the gas chambers, and declare that Shoah is only a detail in World War II’s history? This question led to this song, talking in the first person about what may have resulted in this one-eyed french hog look-alike politician pouring out such quantities of venom…

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