Schaman & Scharlatan – !II!

c60 cassette tape, two versions of 23 copies each, cover art by Safu.


13 years, feeling like 23 years, after their release «Schlachthof vode Wörter» (Slaughterhause of Words), Schaman & Scharlatan are rising again from the underground of the infamous Emmenbronx. Musically accompanied by Mattr., Mesoterpen and Papi Pendejo, they are continuing their struggle through the svamp of shallow swiss rap, social injustice and melancholy. Words, rhymes and gloomy beats are the weapons of their choice – pathos, sarcasm and irony the tactics. 15 tracks filled with rage and emotions, two editions of 23 tapes each against the system and Babylon: Schaman & Scharlatan are back with their official second album “!II!”.

Sold out.