Mattr. – A Brief History Of Nothing


It is with great pride to present the new solo album of swiss producer mattr., which is released in collaboration with Anette Records in Germany.

Please do be sure to let you heart and ears be filled with the latest compositions that highly-respected Swiss electronic music producer Mattr. has curated for both our listening pleasure, but moreover, also for our emotional understanding, strength and communion.

Normal album rules, ideas and promotional methods ought not apply when dealing with a work of art of this sort. Mattr. has created an impossibly-moving testament to the human condition, one that speaks volumes without trumpets needing to sound out from PR towers on how lush his compositions are.

With his latest full-length release, Mattr. has moved completely outside of normal album territory, in purusing a release that is entirely composed about, around, and created during the diagnosis, illness and death of his father, from an aggressive form of brain cancer, and the effect this has had on those left behind.

Available from 1st November 2016, as a highly limited edition 180gm vinyl release of only 100 pieces, not only is this an impossibly special release in terms of its content, it is also a beautiful piece of physical art. Please do take the time to listen in, quietly, and allow the music to reach you in the way it was intended.

There are two versions of the artwork, «lightness» and «darkness». Vinyl is sold out, for  digital go here.