fbcfabric & reindeer – It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know

It’s reality! We’ve dreamed about doing this for a long time now, and this year we finally said fuck it, and it’s been overdue. A triple vinyl version of the legendary fbcfabric&reindeer full length with exclusive tracks from the same sessions. We are properly proud to present this classic, which has lost nothing of its power and originality, on vinyl for the very first time.

Limited to 100 3LP units, it comes in a fabric sleeve just as the original CD version. One per person. Go to store.

Ethics, Morals, Principles, Standards, Conviction – Part One

A1 The Lighting Of The Lamps
A2 Soulsuck
A3 Mask Of Sanity
A4 Down The Sides
A5 The One Before Two

Ethics, Morals, Principles, Standards, Conviction – Part Two

B1 Rub The Calm One
B2 Passenger
B3 One Inch Brook
B4 Our Education

Awkward Walker

C1 Wallet, Keys, Hopes And Dreams
C2 I Might As Well Be Glad
C3 Sit And Wait
C4 Extended Placement
C5 Fall Asleep And Dream Of Our Childhoods

Patience And Three Trains

D1 How It Happened
D2 Hunger

Pout And Clutch Mediocrity – Part One

E1 All I See
E2 The Only Dance I Can Do
E3 Bell Rings, Dog Salivates
E4 Shake The Hand Of An Unsuspecting Victim

Pout And Clutch Mediocrity – Part Two

F1 On/Off
F2 Please Call Stella
F3 And Then John Peel Died